The Ally Process

Ally Dental Solutions believes in providing you a plan customized specifically to your practice, implemented with your team members, without your office suffering from down time. Two Ally trainers are on-site with your team to provide your practice with personal training, so that we can tailor systems to your office, not your office to our systems. We will be your partner throughout the process, each day side-by-side with you, whether your need is large or small.

Once the intensive training is accomplished, Ally Dental Solutions can provide you and your team with on-going support. We have found that the level and length of the support needed varies from office to office. To accurately answer this need, we have planned our Continuing Training Packages so that they fit into each practice’s future.

A time comes in each practice when it can benefit from a little extra assistance, sometimes that time is when you’re getting started, and sometimes it’s when you have hit a plateau. Whenever that time comes, Ally Dental Solutions can help you through it.

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