Jill Smith

In the second office I worked for I was involved in a treatment of an eleven year old little girl. She had been born with congenially missing laterals and we were making her a flipper. I remember trying to explain that even though it felt weird, she was going to get used to it, I remember how skeptical she was. At her first post-delivery check appointment a different little girl walked in, she was smiling and talking to everyone, I will never forget the difference that we had made in her life. These are the experiences that we are all in this field for, the stories that help us through the long days. I want to help you have many more of these experiences, to help you know that your team is doing their part and focus on the “stories” not the spreadsheets.

I am a bit unusual in this field for the simple fact that I do not have a preference between working in the back or working in the front, I TRULY enjoy both. I believe that it is a great plus to have a cross-trained team; I’ve been able to not only cover for a sick assistant but use my clinical knowledge to help with treatment presentation and insurance submission. I’ve worked in most areas of dentistry, (general, endodontics, oral surgery and prosthodontics) learning both the clinical and business aspects of each, I love to learn and then pass on the things I have learned. Knowledge, and how to use it, is the key to a successful practice. I want to be your Ally!