...I had the privilege of being able to work with Jill and the staff at Ally. When they first came to examine the office and meet the staff, it was on it's way to failing. These two amazing women came and turned the entire office around. They were determined to make us a team. They really went above and beyond expectations. Through implementation of goals and communication, the results were amazing! I could truly see the change in everyone. They motivated us to want to work harder accomplish our goals so that we could be successful. What I appreciate about them most was their love and passion for every one of us to succeed. I will always be thankful for them and their hard work and dedication.

Nikkole Orgill


...Jill and the staff at Ally have to be the best thing that has happened to our practice. When they first came in to observe they talked to each member of our team, listened to our concerns and asked that we speak openly. I finally felt heard. Our office wasn't in a good place. I felt a huge difference in the first few days. The energy they brought into our office was quite measurable. With rebuilding an office it comes with some growing pains, Jill handled them with professionalism and grace. They have such a great upbeat and fun way of motivating our team. With Jill and the staff at Ally, I know we will succeed.

JoAnn Nance


...From endodontics to oral surgery, general dentistry to prosthodontics, her personal experience provides you with an endless wealth of knowledge. You will not regret putting Jill within your professional networking circle.

Sheri McFarland
Office Manager


...Jill is an expert with insurance and has tons of experience dealing with all aspects of insurance, billing, collections, payment options, and difficult patient concerns.

If I had the chance to hire Jill Smith again I would jump at the opportunity. She is that good...


Jesse N. Greaves, D.M.D.