Are you tired of jumping through the hoops that the Insurance companies like to throw at us? Are you sure you aren't writing-off money that should be collectable? How close are your treatment plans estimates and are you basing those estimates on the correct fee schedule? Join us to learn some guidelines to help you know if the insurance companies you are contracted with, are really benefiting your practice and tips to help you regain the upper hand.

If you have a specific question or situation that is causing you an Insurance Headache, tell us about it in the area below and we will work it into the Question and Answer Session. Also, feel free to bring a 'problem claim' or other insurnace issue with you to the workshop, if we are not able to get your questions answered during the workshop, all three presenters will be available at the end to answer more questions and offer some help! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 24th!

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